Keeping your Motorcycle in excellent running condition requires regular attention to maintenance procedures. It really boils down to keeping the oil clean and changed regularly, checking other fluids (rear drive fluid, anti-freeze, break fluids), checking tire pressure, and checking for loose bolts before and after each ride.

Top Ten Tips

On chain-drive motorcycles, the chain is the one part of the motorcycle that probably wears out the most. Most of the larger motorcycles have belt drives or drive shafts. If your motorcycle has a chain, keep it oiled before and after every ride. The video will list the things to do to service your motorcycle chain.

So what should you do to get your motorcycle ready after a long winter’ night? This video covers the basics of what to do. Bottom line, treat your motorcycle will love and care. Give it a good cleaning, oil all moving parts, check your oil and change it if you did not change it before putting it to bed. (You should really change it before storage, as you don’t want dirty oil gumming up on the inside of your engine.

Bringing it Out of Storage and Getting it Ready to Ride

This is always a tough one. Yellowing or bluing pipes on a nice looking motorcycle can really be frustrating. Not to mention the stuff that sticks to your exhaust pipes and heats on. Here’s some good tips for several things.

Maintaining Chrome Pipes

Always check your motorcycle fluids on a regular basis. You don’t want to run too low or dry, that could spell disaster.

The life of your motorcycle tire wear, depends on your riding habits. I can usually get 15K to 17K on my tires, but I don’t ride hard or corner hard. Get to know your riding habits, and that will let you know how long.

How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last?

In some climates, the colder climates, it is very important to winterize your motorcycle properly. If you take the time to do the things to protect your motorcycle from the elements, your motorcycle will last a lifetime.


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